No One To Save South Carolina Department of Corrections 



   Lets start with some facts, aprox 6 different institutions in the state of South Carolina  experienced prisoners uprisings in the last year, aprox 15 prisoners murdered in same year, Atleast 35 correctional officers assaulted in year, including 88 prisoners assaulted. On Top of all them facts lets add the fact that South Carolina department of corrections is also dealing with the worse staff shortage in the nation.

    In panic Mr.Stirling  reduced all managemen of prisoners services (ie.,Clothing,Feeding & Housing) to levels that raise question to whether or not they are of a constitutional minimal or even humane.

    It is in these three services that have changed dramatically and effected thousands of prisoners in South Carolina for the worse.

Clothing of prisoners: 

No longer will indigent prisoners be provided Bo-Bos (tennis shoes) to participate in work or recreational activities,instead prisoners will be provided foam clogs to wear for all- purposes, including showers. ( note that the clogs are designed with openings all throughout the clog therefore during incliment weather prisoners feet are wet and exposed) 

. The Health question to this new policy of only clogs, is prisoners are experiencing heavy cases of fungus due to foam clogs not being antibacterial material. Also consequential to the all foam clogs is that prisoners can no-longer participate in recreational activities. The new policy of foam clogs is discriminate in nature as well due to the fact that prisoners with financial support from family and friends can purchase tennis shoes or boots.

    The discriminate nature of this policy has caused an increase in violence within the prison environment due to poor clog wearing prisoners robbing prisoners that are privileged with tennis shoes. Also concerning is the fact that poor prisoners with clogs must defend themselves from a possible assault  from privileged prisoners that are wearing  tennis shoes or boots, a task almost impossibe. It is appalling for Mr.Stirling to think that a man shouldn’t be given or need proper footwear in facing a difficult task/journey, such as doing year after year in prison. South Carolina is the only state to place thier condemned in clogs, other then another country such as North Korea. 

    Thousands of prisoners being unable to participate in recreational programs are clearly being denied the opportunity to learn very valuable lessons to assist in their  rehabilitation, such as sportsmanship, focus, & physical therapy.

    Another policy of clothing that has been allowed to deterate and cause a disruption within the prison population is that of coats. No longer are South Carolina prisoners afforded insulated coats. Instead prisoners are issued a “material coat” ie, a coat made out of two layers of clothing material absent hoodie,or pockets,or insulation.

 With prisoners being required to stand in line outdoors basically for all service regardless of weather conditions, including server weather, a prisoner should have a moral right to have protection let alone a constitutional right. Yet Mr.Stirling, wonders why prisoners have so much hostility toward his staff. YOU ARE FORCING THOUSANDS OF YOUR MEN TO STAND IN RAIN, SLEET, AND SNOW WITH OPEN TOE FOAM CLOGS AND A SHEET FOR A COAT. NO DIGNITY, NO PEACE. 

    Also indefer to clothing that Mr.Stirling has shown is that of presentation. No longer does the department wash prisoners clothing in detergent, instead prisoners clothing is washed with a odorless soapwater and processed through a machine designed to kill bacteria by way of vibration. The result of this process is body oil remains within clothing and bodyoil excubs from clothing. With no other clothing issued, prisoners live sleep and play in uniforms. No longer are prisoners issued longjohns,T-shirts, or shorts.


      South Carolina department of corrections website states that prisoners are fed in accordance with a master menu that is prepared by a nutritionist. Reading it, one will see that it says prisoners are receiving meals like, spaghetti with hot rolls,butter,string beans,cake,tea,or something like meatloaf,steamed rice, blackeye peas,cornbread,juice,cake.

    Well not only is this very misleading, but it very much a lie. The state of South Carolina department of corrections no longer adheres to any master menu especially with the staff shortage crisis. Currently prisoners are being fed grounded up bird carcass inwhich they purchase for 30 cent a pound from chicken companies. It is purchased by the prison in bulk and stored in prison warehouse for up to six months and distributed to their prison throughout the state.

Box of bird carcass that will be grinded and served to prisoners 

  Prior to South Carolina prisoners consumeing the bird carcass this product was shipped to pet companies(known as pet grade meat). This bird carcass is served everyday except occasionally when once out the month prisoners may receive tuna, or actual chicken.
    Though the USDA approves human consumption of this product, it insists that this product be cooked at higher temps then normal and more thourghly due to high risk of bacterial matters. This important necessity is often forgotten or disregarded due to no supervision of food preparations with the staff shortsge. Untrained prisoners often cook the bird carcass thus many times its raw. When prisoners complain to much about rawness of carcass, prison staff will then gravitize it so one can’t tell color of carcass.  With no staff to supervise food the department of corrections no longer includes ingredients such as sugar,salt, or pepper. With staff shortage feeding prisoners has become a free for all with bird carcass and cabbage.With no staff supervision inside chowhall it has become the most hostile spot in the department, with many prisoners not getting fed and conflicts arising. The department nolonger serve its prisoners real beef, or fruit.


    As the commissioner of the department Mr.Stirring is aware that a third of his population is at a 6th grade level in education but yet the prison school building that can seat hundreds of prisoners is basically empty with ten or twenty privileged prisoners. Its heart breaking to see so many men grown men who can barely read but desire to but theres no outlet. The state of South Carolina is giving young teenagers 30 40 years then send them  back in the hole and deny their mind and soul, growth other then the growth in hostilities towards the ones who stand in their way of ever changing his life for the better. In the thirty years I’ve been incarcerated have I never seen the prison be out of supplies of books for prisoners to read. Now the only books that floataround the ppenitentiary are held together with tape. This abandonment of books and prison library is stsyematic with staff shortage. At all five of South Carolina’s maximum prison their library and school building is serving less then 5% of its population. Each day in South Carolina prisons thousands of men wake up each day with nothing but solitude with the spot they find amongst the chaos around them within the units. With no staff to support any programs the only activity a prisoner will get is the pacing back and forth in the units.

     Never in thirty years until now have I ever seen a problem with prisoners having a chance to participate in playing basketball or hand ball, or just sitting under the sun reflecting on self. With no staff, recreation within the entire system is only ever blue moon..

The important fact here is that everybody understands that we are talking about thousands of men with idle hands each day in the belly of the beast and Mr.Stirling is scratching his head asking himself why all his max institutions have uprisings. 

Witnessing the humiliation and psychological assaults perpetrated against prisoners by staff or tolerated among prisoners can overfill the psychological space where reflection and self-searching might occur.

  Before I get into this topic lets put what ive said in perspective somewhat. Mr.Stirling doesn’t properly cloth his prisoners, he doesn’t properly feed his prisoners, and he doesn’t give them nothing but solitude life, and now he wants to force prisoners in their cell indefinite and while he is forcing you in, he is sealing your only window up,only sunlight out, with steel a piece of slab.O’Yeah lets not forget he just hired Bob off the couch to to be in control of this environment of making sure prisoners  stand still while they bury them their sunlight and strip any hope they might have had of change.

    The darkness that Mr.Stirling is creating within these units through out his max prisons has created so much chaos with so many uprising that four of his 5 max prisons are barely standing up and are infested with mold,crabs,stalph,lice and shit I can’t spell. 

McCormick prison

    Sinks in 50% of Mr.Stirling max prisons have water leaking or mold and rust in prisoners cells, this particular picture is from McCormick prison. 

McCormick prison

Picture of prison cell vent in cell where mold and excessive amount of dust blows out that it coats the walls around vent with layers of dust

    Lights,plumbing and air haven’t been repaired. At the McCormick prison they have yet to put lights in any of their showers for the last five years.Hundreds of prisoners take showers in the dark at the McCormick prison.  Thousands of prisoners are issued used, stained and molded mattress as seen in this photo from a prisoner at McCormick prison.

     Bites of bed bugs is a norm for prisoners in SC. they see them as mosquito bites,. 

     Another policy change that Mr.Stirling has implement that has served no other purpose but to cause violence within the system and been responsible for prisoners loosing their life is the removing of all prisoners personal lockers from prisoners cells,  thus leaving no where for prisoners to secure personal property. Plastic bags have been issued in replace of lockers. With nowhere for prisoners to store and secure personal property, theft is running rampant throughout the entire system. Each day confrontations arise and assaults occur due this dilemma of no where for prisoners to secure their property.

   In conclusion to this dilemma I can only ensure you Mr.Stirring that your attempt to manage a prison as if its a county jail and have prisoners standing around waiting to die in the dark, just as if a county prisoners is waiting to leave county jail to go prison, then I can ensure you that four of your prisons will be stripped to the ground destroyed by prisoners frustrated and hostile and i can pretty much predict Bob the layman recruit  isn’t going to get off couch to help you pick up the pieaces.




10 thoughts on “No One To Save South Carolina Department of Corrections ”

  1. I totally agree and even being on the outside having loved one inside I’m apart of that struggle daily. Something must be done and done fast, we can’t allow this situation to be a cancer in the lives of prisoners where symptoms are noticed,down played and once really given attention it’s too late, and a terminal illness is diagnosed (meaning no prisoners efforts will matter). The time is now you guys, exercise wisdom and strength non violently. In the past days people got answers when they interrupted the MAN’S cash flow,by boycotts.
    You know the system is a monetary system,mess with there money and your wishes would surely be granted. Peace.


    1. I am a scdc official currently working at Lee correctional institution in Bishopeville sc. I am afraid for my life everyday, and I have become even more afraid in the last couple of days or so, for the simple reason they are replacing the good with the worst, do to srerlin and Michele mcall not know what there doing, and not giving a fuck about his officers. We are probably the shortest institution in scdc, why would you exchange the old lifers, who cause no problems with the young gang bangers, who’s assaulting all the officers and doing all the killing? I’ve been with scdc 5 years and even I know better, it’s a big accident waiting to happen, I’m willing happen. I can name at least 10 co workers, who’s talking about quoting because of this. For the last 6 months or so they have been installing cameras, to watch officers, but can’t find the 10 or so inmates who went into another inmate cell and murder him in cold blood. Help us, it will be a disaster if the continue to switch out the old timers with these murdering gang bangers, just go on line and watch all the prison recorded videos. Please help up, us officers need a voice, I need this job, but is it worth my life, my co workers life? Sterling and mall hide in a office at scdc headquarters, while we put our life in danger everyday, it’s sad.


  2. I live it everyday. The only way to bring this problem to a head is to reduce the time. Give the inmates a opportunity to see the light of day. Having multiple prisoners serving life sentences and mandatory time is demoralizing. Then you stick us in a cell with no sun light like we are animals. Feed us food that we can barely recognize and some food that isnt for human consumption.. No programs. No nothing. Just tell us to do the time. When i first came to prison years ago i was mentally competent. Now i take phyc meds everyday from seeing so many death. Murders. Suicides. Etc… We need change and we need it fast. My family cant come see me with the clothing they have on however the female officers come to work with barely nothing on. They need to bring back contact visits. That will give a inmate something to look fwd to and i promise you the violence will cease to a minimum if any.. Anyone should be able to come see you. Your girlfriend. Friend. Whoever. Give us something. Instead of taking everything.


    1. Absolutely I agree but no conditions will change until they fix the staffing issue. As far as letting prisoners out well its hard to find one in office who will support letting prisoners out early especially when they campaign on locking up on 3 strike bullshit. Until they get their sentencing laws straight they need to focus on giving their condemned a chance at redemption and rehabilitation. Stay Strong Brother……….. CONVICYMONEY


  3. Right now,the prisoners of SCDC suffer from the same ailment the director does: ignorance and apathy. Most prisoners don’t care enough about their own lives to do a simple task-stop being slaves! If you’re reading this article and you are currently incarcerated, do what your ancestors taught you. It’s time to unite and sit your ass down. You don’t have to tear up the prison, just make them do all the work. You just said they’re short of staff, so make them do the plumbing, make them cook the food and serve the trays, make them satisfy their contracts they made with private companies in the prison industries. One connection and I’m done: NFL players will take a knee, but won’t hurt the league’s pockets by not playing to bring the change they seek. Likewise, the prisoners are willing to bust sprinklers, set fires, and incite riots, but they won’t stop being SLAVES long enough to bring about the change they seek. The writings on the wall. Communities inform your loved ones behind the fence to wake up and stop being SLAVES!!!


    1. You’re absolutely right and i struggle with trying to get these brothers to realize this but for some strange reason they’re scared of their master. There is only a few brothers that understand the concept you speak. We are at conflict with eachother over this concept of sitting down on they azz. Scdc has been so sweet and open for so many years that everyone was content and never experienced isolation or the bottom of the barrel and never had to buck for anything so they deeply programmed to not buck but with the new way of cruelness they are feeling and seeing more and more are getting fire in their guts.


  4. So much is already been spoken regarding the actual conditions that I only write now to add on briefly to the locking up of so many young black adolescent male and female that the only conclusion to be drawn is that death camps are the future intent of the department of corrections in South Carolina. Really 30 to 50 years is the normal range of sentences being issued out by your average racist white judge, it is a wonder this problem hasn’t surfaced long before now. My hope is that this enlightenment opens the eyes of all those who have family and friends back here dying slow but certain deaths.

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  5. Human life no matter the mistakes made should still be value as priceless…….now im think what and how can i help fix these devilish problems at our prisons

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